Soundtrack LP & Cassette

Night of the Comet Soundtrack LP USA Macola release
USA Release Front Cover / Macola Record Co

Now Deleted, the Original Soundtrack release was only available on vinyl LP and cassette tape.
Label: Macola MRC 0900 (USA) 1984 / CHORD 006 (UK) 1985.

Track Listing:

1. Unbelievable
Written by: Gary Mallaber, John Massaro,
Byron Alldred
Performed by: Revolver

2. Learn to Love Again
Written by: Chris Farren
Performed by: Chris Farren & Amy Holland

3. Strong Heart
Written by: Skip Adams, Mark Bensi
Performed by: John Townsend

4. Let My Fingers Do The Talking
Written by: Kenny Lee Lewis, Diane Steinberg
Performed by: Stallion

5. Whole World Is Celebratin’
Written by: Chris Farren, Wayne Crawford
Performed by: Chris Farren

6. Hard Act To Follow
Written by: Michael Hanna, Diana DeWitt, James Pritchett
Performed by: Diana DeWitt

7. Virgin in Love
Written by: Thom Pace, Maria Hegsted
Performed by: Thom Pace

8. Tell Me Yourself
Written by: Gary Mallaber, John Massaro, Byron Alldred
Performed by: Revolver

9. Trouble
Written and Performed by: Skip Adams

10. Lady in Love
Written by: Bob Summers
Performed by: Revolver

For more detailed soundtrack information, including lyrics and original film running order, visit the Soundtrack page.

USA Release

UK Release

BBC Radioplay

This BBC Radioplay Music Library LP was exclusive to the British Broadcasting Corporation for use in its radio broadcasts. From the 60s until 1988 the BBC was only allowed to play a restricted number of hours-per-week of commercially available music (this was due to the Needle-Time agreement between the Musician’s Union and Phonographic Performace Liimted). The BBC got around this restriction by playing music that was not commercially available in the UK (either live or alternative take versions of tracks or music not commercially available in the UK at the time of broadcast), and produced a series of Radioplay LPs to be used for this purpose. These Radioplay LPs are therefore extremely rare.

The back of the LP has the following synopsys of the film:
One of the current trends in the film world is to include a strong soundtrack that can stand up musically apart from the film as well as emphasising the drama on-screen. The soundtrack for the film “Night of the Comet” is one example of high quality.

“Night of the Comet” is black comedy Sci-Fi fantasy in which an eagerly awaited comet is marvelled at overnight by 99% of hte population who are swiftly reduced to red dust., leaving two young, good-looking heroines to struggle with the aftermath. Scary stuff, but a good strong dose of the music will do no harm at all, for it covers the best in contemporary American melodic rock/pop, moving easily from harder-edged cuts such as “Hard Act to Follow” (a single for Diana DeWitt to the smooth, romatic ballad “Learn to Love Again”.

If you are planning to stay up all night star-gazing, you could do worse than listen to this album at the same time.

Label BBC Radioplay Music Library TAIR 85029


The Cassette release of the soundtrack has the same track listing and running order as the LP release.

Night of the Comet Cassette / Macola Records
Night of the Comet Cassette / Macola Record Co

7″ Single (USA) Macola Record Co

7 Inch Single from Macola Record Co. MRC-0904

A-Side: Learn to Love Again by Chris Farren and Amy Holland
B-Side: Lady in Love by Revolver

7″ Promo (UK) Chord Records

Promotion Copy from Chord Records.
A-Side: Hard Act to Follow by Diana De Witt
B-Side: Night of the Comet/Various Segue Mix (A voice-over explaining the plot of the film along with mix of the following songs from the album: Unbelievable, Lady in Love, Strong Heart, Let My Fingers Do the Talking (has a different intro from the album version) and Virgin in Love). 5 mins (approx).

CD Re-release

In 2017 Pure Destructive Records produced a limited edition re-release of the soundtrack on CD and LP in 2018. Both came with linear notes by Kelli Maroney.