New York Film Academy Screening, 30 October 2010

photo courtesy of Tom Ryan

On Halloween eve a group of approximately 85 film buffs, film students, and fans gathered at the New York Film Academy for a screening of the cult sci-fi film Night of the Comet.

What made this night different from any other was that among the fans was none other than Regina Belmont herself – Catherine Mary Stewart!

After introducing Catherine and turning off the lights, we all set back to re-experience a movie, that even Catherine admitted she hadn’t seen in several years.

In the first shot that we see Reggie, at the Tempest game, the crowd exploded into applause. The same reaction repeated as we all watched Reggie kicking zombie ass in the ally behind the movie theater.

Following the film, our host introduced Catherine and brought her up on stage for a Q & A session with the audience. Fans spent about 30-minutes talking with her about the various aspects of the film and also her experiences an an actress in general. A trivia contest was then held with some of Catherine’s DVDs being given as prizes. Not one to just rush out after such an event, Catherine then stayed and met with dozens of fans, signing autographs and posing for pictures.

If you are a member of Catherine’s Facebook group – there is a photo album on there with pictures from the night’s festivities – NYFA Night of the Comet. If you are not, then come join at

Tom Ryan
(1 November 2001)