Robert Beltran On Night Of The Comet (February 2000)

Source Trek Today (Thursday February 24, 2000) (31 October 2007)

This is a role I turned down three times. I turned it down because the director and producers wanted me to play Hector pretty much the way I had played Raoul. I’ve never been one to be happy with repeating something just because it was successful, but they kept insisting that I meet with them. They offered me more money and even top billing, so I met with them. I told them that if I could play it much differently than as written I would do it. They squirmed in their chairs. I said, “Look, this guy is basically the male hero of the film and since he’s the only surviving man on earth he represents every man. I want to play him like Gary Cooper, the reluctant hero.” They finally agreed. After we signed the contracts the director said to me, “You know Robert, if you hadn’t done the role we were going to get a regular American guy to do it!”