[CONTINUITY] Right at the start of the film Reggie is playing a Tempest video game. It appears to be the only video game machine in the lobby and is right next to the Christmas tree. The following morning she plays the game again. After she erases DMK from the high-scores list, she goes to the counter and you can now see three video game machines (Asteroids, Tempest and Asteroids Deluxe) with the Tempest machine in the middle.

[CONTINUITY] The film reel in the projection booth changes style and whether it’s running or not depending on the angle we see it from.

[EXTRAS] Just after we have our last look at Doris rubbing her eyes, we go to “The Morning After”, see sunrise behind the skyscrapers, then cut to a shot down a street that bends to the left. Just as the dust clears, over the railing in the lower right hand corner, you can just make out a car driving towards the right of the screen.

[EXTRAS] When we first see the early morning scenes of the deserted Los Angeles, a person can be seen at the far right edge of one of the shots exiting one of the buildings, and walking first towards the centre of the shot, then off camera. A close up of the edge of the frame is shown below. [submitted by Forum Member Tailspin365]

[CONTINUITY] Two bloopers for the price of one. When we see the spinning close up of Reggie sleeping, she is shown in a light green sleeping bag with the zipper to her right. It also appears that she is not wearing a top. Yet in the next cut, when we see her sit up after being startled by Larry, she is in two dark green sleeping bags zipped together, the zipper is on the far right, and she is wearing a white strappy top.

[TECHNICAL] Another blooper featuring the Tempest game. During our introduction to Reggie, she is annoyed that someone called ‘DMK’ has taken 6th place on the Tempest scoreboard (Reggie holds all the other hi-scores). The following morning Reggie plays the game again in order to knock DMK off the scoreboard, however, we see her re-take 6th place, and reclaim the entire scoreboard. This is not how scoreboards work; she would have only knocked DMK down to 7th place, not replaced him.

[TECHNICAL] The morning after the comet, all the streets are empty, with only the occasional empty car; surely if everyone had turned to dust, the streets would be full of crashed cars?

[EXTRAS] When Reggie first walks out in front of the theater and looks around, in the wide shot, off on the righthand side of the screen, you can see a car’s brakelights reflected in the ‘Playmate Coiffures’ storefront window. The brake lights go off then you can see the car drive off to the right.

[CONTINUITY] When Reggie discovers the wrench in the alley, she lifts it up to examine it, dropping it when her hands get wet with blood. We see her drop the wrench on a (blood) stain on the ground. However, in the next shot, the wrench has moved away from the stain.

[EXTRAS] More ‘extras’ in shot. As Reggie rides the bike up a hill and round a corner. If you look at the side of the building at the far right of the shot, you can see the reflection of a person walking. They walk towards the centre, stop and walk away again. The light reflection goes out as they walk in front of it.

[CONTINUITY] When Reggie comes to a stop beside the empty Mercedes, she switches on the bike’s headlight. In the next shot when Reggie looks through the car window and then during the close-ups after she drives off, the light is off. This is probably for technical reasons, in that, the light would glare in the camera mounted on the front of the bike.

[EXTRAS] As we watch Reggie drive that fabulous classic Triumph through the streets, after she’s gone up the hill, made the left turn, and is riding through a heavy cloud of red dust, you can see a car pull up and stop at an intersection on the left hand side of the screen.

[CONTINUITY] After we are shown Reggie returning home on the motorcycle, and before she enters the house, we are shown shots of the interior of the house. Included is a shot showing the kitchen. On the kitchen bunker is a radio, cerial box and cerial bowl; but we are later shown Sam bringing the radio down the stairs with her and placing it on the bunker, before she then goes and retrieves the cerial box and bowl from the cupboard to make her breakfast.

[CONTINUITY] When Reggie first enters the house the morning after the comet, there’s nothing at the bottom of the stairs. As Reggie takes Sam outside to show her that everyone is dead, Samantha finds the dust remains of their dog at the bottom of the stairs. (It is possible, however, that a zombie-dog entered the house after Reggie, subsequently turning to dust at the bottom of the stairs.)

[CONTINUITY – INTENTIONAL] After Sam’s nightmare, we hear the DJ on the radio broadcast say, “You know, it’s hard to believe that there’s only 11 more shopping days till Christmas.”, putting the date as Friday 14 December and indicating that the date of the Comet was the eve of Thursday 13 December (1984). However, we have previously heard Reggie say to Sam, “It’s Saturday morning, where are the God damn kids?”. This would make Friday 14 December the night of the Comet. This is confirmed when Reggie and Sam first arrive at the radio station, we can see that it’s Friday’s voice tape that is still playing because there was no-one there to change the tape over to Saturday’s voice track (presumably the DJ had recorded the tracks in advance so that he could go and watch the Comet for himself).

[CONTINUITY] Just after the girls meet Hector at the radio station he is shown taking off his gloves. He takes off his right glove, the camera switches to the girls and then back to Hector, his right glove is back on and he starts taking it off again.

[CONTINUITY] Still at the radio station. Reggie and Hector are talking in the bathroom while Sam starts broadcasting from the DJ desk. Hector is still wearing his jacket. Sam runs through to get them to tell them that she got a call. When we see them all run back through to the DJ desk, Hector is no longer wearing his jacket.

[TECHNICAL] No spent shells come out of the girls’ guns during ‘target practice’ or at the department store.

[CONTINUITY] After ‘target practice’ the girls walk to a banister and talk. There is a Diet Pepsi can on the ledge. During the conversation, Sam’s gun moves from being out of sight, to in front of the can, to behind her again.

[CONTINUITY] The music playing on repeat on the record player at Hector’s parents’ house stops just before the kid-zombie comes to the door, and starts again during the chase scene.

[CONTINUITY] During the girls’ shopping spree they play music through a two-speaker stereo with a tape deck (that looks to be same one that Sam had at the house earlier). However, after the arrival of the stock boys, when Willy says “Knock that s**t off!” and one of the other boys shoots the stereo, it has now become a single-speaker radio.

[EXTRAS] When the helecopter taking Reggie back the the Scientists’ Base takes off, a window cleaners’ platform can be seen on the left hand tall building. As the helecopter flys out of shot, the platform can be seen decending a floor.

[TECHNICAL] We learn through the course of the film that those directly exposed to the comet are reduced to red carbon dust, and those who avoided direct exposure by being inside are more gradually being reduced to the red dust, becoming flesh-eating zombies in the process. Our main characters survived the comet’s effects because they were shielded by steel (Reggie & Larry were in a steel projection booth, Sam spent the night in a lawn-storage shed, and Hector and his girlfiend spent the night in the back of Hector’s truck). We also learn that the scientists, despite shutting themselves away in an underground bunker, were also exposed because they left the vents open. The trouble with this is that surely the scientist’s bunker, even with the vents open, would have offered more protection than a garden shed and the back of a truck, neither of which would have offered air-tight protection from the comet’s radiation.

However, a response to this might be that it was not radiation, rather a virus which our main characters were in fact, immune to.