Exclusive Artwork

Matthew Parton | @partoonz instagram

Artist Matthew Parton has created an original artwork exclusively for the this Sunday’s screening of Night of the Comet at the Pocono Cinema, PA.

Catherine Mary Stewart will be in attendance for the screening, and poster of the artwork, signed by both Catherine and the artist will be raffled prior to the screening.

Tickets can be purchased from This link.


Fan Art

@c.ge.w_illustration | instagram

Illustrator Caroline G Wilson produced this illustration of Catherine Mary Stewart as Reggie and shared it on her Instagram feed.

Fan Art

Kelli Maroney by Tom Virtuoso @thomvirt
Kelli Maroney by Tom Virtuoso @thomvirt

Orlando-based graphic artist and illustrator Tom Virtuoso has produced this fine artwork of Kelli Maroney as Sam in a scene from Night of the Comet. You can view more of Tom’s work on his Instagram feed.

Night of the Comet Pin Set

Comet Crusaders Pin Set | GutterShakes
Comet Crusaders Pin Set | GutterShakes

Gutter Shakes have produced a Comet Crusaders Collectible Pin Set featuring Reggie and Sam from Night of the Comet. The set is available in a standard version and a limited edition colorways version. Each set includes:

  • 2 die cast soft enamel pins
  • 2 custom trading cards
  • Teenage Comet Zombie button
  • Rebels sticker

Further information is available at Guttershakes.

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