Strong Women Movie Challenge

Faster Pussycat Blog
Faster Pussycat Blog

The Tumblr Faster Pussycat Blog is running a series of entries on the top 200 strong women in movies. Article #27 focuses on Night of the Comet’s Sam (Kelli Maroney) and Reggie (Catherine Mary Stewart). To quote the site:

“They’re the greatest sisters in cinema. The most adorable siblings on film. A better team-up than any buddy-cop duo ever put together.

Celebrating these ladies is a must.”

You can read the full article at the Faster Pussycat Blog.


Criminally Underrated

Stacia Kissick Jones has published a rather nice review of Night of the Comet over at the Spectrum Culture website. In her article, Stacia picks up on several points that others have failed to mention in the past, making it a fresh and interesting review for even die-hard Comet fans.

Skip Adams Discusses Soundtrack Contributions

As an addition to the new Lyrics section on the site, one of the Soundtrack’s artists, Skip Adams, has recently added to his Blog information on a couple of the songs that were used in the film’s soundtrack. The two songs are Strong Heart and Trouble, (as a result of this, a couple of the lyrics have been corrected on this site). As an extra bonus, the Adams’ Blog includes original demo versions of the songs.

Catherine Mary Stewart Update

Fans of Night of the Comet star Catherine Mary Stewart [Reggie] may be interested to learn that she has recently started a Fan Blog. In the Blog’s first entry, Catherine updates us that she is activly persuing work again (after focusing on raising her children). She also lets us know that she will be starring in a Hallmark TV movie airing for the first time on 25 October called Generation Gap. You can read CMS’s Fan Blog by clicking here.