King County Woman

Written by Thom Pace & Dave Hegsted
Performed by Doug Kershaw
Plays: When they all leave the Scientists’ base. [01:25:40 – Internal]

I met her on the highway,
I picked her up outside a Portland town
I was headed for Vancouver,
I’d been south and it was time to turn around

She got in and looked at me and said, ‘I’m going north’
‘So am I’ I said to her, ‘I just came from Fort Worth
They have Tucson, It’s been so long,
I’m going home’

She’s a King County woman,
Trying to spread Seattle rain
She’s a King County woman,
Heading home once again


Sometimes I start to thinking,
About the love that we almost found
She took off for ‘Frisco,
And I guess she couldn’t stick around

And once along a southern route
I thought I saw her wave
I flew by, I was so tired
I never could have stayed there in the morning
it’s a bad dream and I’m going home

She’s a King County woman
Trying to spread seattle rain
She’s a King County woman
Heading home once again