Mary Woronov – Dr Audrey White

night_of_the_comet_242 Mary Woronov (Audrey) / MGM Studios

Dr Audrey White

What did you want me to do, Oscar, take her out back and shoot her in the head?

Audrey is one of the ‘think tank’ scientists who locked themselves underground on the approach of the comet. Audrey doesn’t agree with Dr Carter’s ideas for the survival of the human race, she rebels against the other scientists.


Born: 8 December 1943, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Also Starred in: 

2005 The Devil’s Rejects 
2003 Looney Tunes: Back in Action
1995 Highlander (TV Series)
1994 My So-Called Life (TV Series)
1994 Babylon 5 (TV Series)
1990 Dick Tracy 
1986 St. Elsewhere (TV Series)
1986 Chopping Mall 
1986 TerrorVision
1986 Nomads
1985 Murder, She Wrote (TV Series)
1985 Knight Rider (TV Series)
1984 Night of the Comet 
1982 National Lampoon’s Movie Madness 
1982 Eating Raoul 
1980 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (TV Series)
1979 Taxi (TV Series)
1977 Logan’s Run (TV Series)
1975 Death Race 2000