Mark Poppel – Danny Mason Keener (DMK)

night_of_the_comet_517 Marc Poppel (DMK) / MGM Studios

Danny Mason Keener (DMK)

 Bitcin’ isn’t it? 

Danny upsets Reggie at the start of the film by knocking her out of 6th place on the Tempest arcade game. We run in to him again (or rather he nearly runs in to Sam!) at the end of the film.


Also starred in:

1996 The Burning Zone (TV Series)
1991 For the Boys 
1990 Jake and the Fatman (TV Series)
1990 Booker (TV Series)
1987 Gung Ho (TV Series)
1986 St. Elsewhere (TV Series)
1984 Night of the Comet 
1983 Christine
1982 The Facts of Life (TV Series)