Kelli Maroney – Samantha Belmont (Sam)


Samantha Belmont

 See, that’s the trouble with these things, Daddy would have gotten us Uzis.

Samantha Belmont is Reggie’s younger sister. A cheerleader at Junior High, Sam, like her sister, doesn’t get on with their step-mother, Doris. Sam’s biggest worry is that her older sister is going to ‘swipe’ the last guy on Earth. Something she’ll need to get over if they are to survive the end of the world.


Born: 30 December 1965 (IMDB has wrong year, [reference 1reference 2reference 3, reference 4]), Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Kelli Maroney (acted as Zoe Kelli Simon while married to Alex Simon. Divorced in 2003 and has resumed acting under her own name)

Also starred in: 

2008 True Blood (TV Series)
1999 Chicago Hope (TV Series)
1997 The Pretender (TV Series)
1989 Transylvania Twist 
1988 Not of This Earth 
1986 The Zero Boys 
1986 Murder, She Wrote (TV Series)
1986 Chopping Mall 
1984 Night of the Comet 
1984 One Life to Live (TV Series)
1983 Slayground
1982 Fast Times at Ridgemont High 
1979-1982 Ryan’s Hope (TV Series)
1991 FBI: The Untold Stories (TV Series)