Ivan E Roth – Willy

night_of_the_comet_335 Ivan E Roth (Willy) / MGM Studios


Let’s play a game. It’s called ‘Scary Noises’.

Willy and his friends were stock boys in the store that Reggie and Samantha go ‘shopping’ in to relieve their boredom. Unfortunately for the girls, the boys are quite protective of their store. Even more unfortunate, is that the comet’s radiation is slowly turning Willy, and his friends, into comet zombies.


Also starred in:

1993 Tales from the Crypt (TV Series)
1992 Live Wire 
1991 Ricochet
1991 K-9000 (TV Movie)
1988 Dead Heat 
1986 Night of the Creeps 
1984 Night of the Comet 
1982 Knight Rider (TV Series)