Comet Cosplay

A couple of Night of the Comet inspired costumes have been shared on social media this Halloween…

Instagram user smith_nikki shared this photo

@smith_nikki | Instagram
@smith_nikki | Instagram

and Twitter user Morgan Rankinstein shared this photo

@Morgan Rankinstein | Twitter
@Morgan Rankinstein | Twitter

NotC in 12-Hour Movie Marathon

72138535_2574890652777466_5345565468978536217_nThe Historic Howel Theatre, Michigan, will be hosting its 2019 12-Hour Horror Movie Invasion on Saturday October 19 from 11am to 11pm (plus a surprise movie after midnight). This year’s programme, hosted by Teenage Werewolves Horror Fiends Film Club includes:

1. The Tingler – 11am
2. Night Of The Comet – 12:45pm
3. Killer Klowns From Outerspace – 2:30pm
4. Poltergeist – 4:15pm
5. Fright Night – 7pm
6. Candy Man – 9pm
7. Surprise Movie! – 11pm

Tickets are available online from