Nebraska Screening

Film Streams’ Dundee Theatre in Omaha, Nebraska will be screening Night of the Comet at 11.55pm on Friday 8 February as part of their Midnight Movies program.

Tickets are available from their website

Florida Screening

Movies of lake worth
Movies of Lake Worth

Movies of Lake Worth, Florida will be screening Night of the Comet on celebration of the film’s 35th anniversary at 9.30pm on Friday 15 February as part of their Morbid Movies programme (formally called Shock-a-Rama).

Tickets are $10 and will be sold from the ticket office on the day of the screening, or online.

7380 Lake Worth Road
Lake Worth, FL 33467

Don Perry Interview


Night of the Comet Music Producer, Don Perry, will be interviewed by Ultrasonic Fim on 101.5 UMFM on Thursday 10 January at 8pm-9pm (PST). The show is one of the longest-running film talk shows in Canada and airs at 10pm local time.

The host, James Borsa, is reportedly a big fan of Night of the Comet, so hopefully, Don’s work on the film’s soundtrack will be discussed.

Listen Live on their website at

Best Sci-fi Movie Team-ups

ScifiNow Magazine issue 147 | Best Movie Team ups
ScifiNow Magazine issue 147 | Best Movie Team-ups

ScifiNow Magazine issue 147 (June 2018) featured a Best Sci-fi Movie Team-Ups article pairing various characters against each other. One of the matches had Night of the Comet’s Sam and Reggie pitted against Star Treks’ Captain Kirk and Mr Spock as well as X-Men’s Magneto and Mystique and had a terrific accompanying illustration by David Cousens (@DavidCousensshowing the girls in action.

Night of the Comet Phoenix Screening

Film Bar Phoenix

FilmBar in Phoenix will be screening Night of the Comet at 10pm on 18 January 2019 as part of their Cult Film in Review programme.

Following the film, the audience is invited to stick around as Cody Everett, Chris Wilembrecht, Kyle Smith, and Mike Sallustio from Cult Film in Review discuss this chaotic cult classic. According to their website, audience participation is greatly encouraged, so feel free to chime in your thoughts after the film! Don’t miss out. Experience 80s zombie horror at its finest!

Tickets available from