Rekall Toys Complete the Pair

Nicht of the Comet action figures by Rekall ToysWe reported in November that Rekall Toys produced a custom Reggie action figure. It proved to be so popular that they have now completed the pair by producing a custom Sam figure, as posted to Twitter by Night of the Comet fan

Fan-made Pin Badges

Instagram user @steviellaney has posted these fan-made pin badges, some featuring our Night of the Comet Cheerleader, Sam (Kelli Maroney).

Free Chicago Screening

The Block Cinema, at the Northwestern University Block, Museum of Art will be hosting a free screening of Night of the Comet on Thursday 6 December 2018.

This free screening is open to all.

Block Museum of Art, Mary and Leigh, 40 Arts Circle Drive, Evanston, IL 60208

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