Night Of The Comet 35mm San Francisco Screening

The Castro Cinema in San Francisco will be screening Night of the Comet in a double bill with Ghostbusters on Saturday 12 December.

Further details will be available soon from
429 Castro Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

From LA To Elm Street

Make-up artist David B Miller who created the special zombie make-up effects for Night of the Comet also worked on the now classic Nightmare on Elm Street. In a recent book Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy by Tommy Hutson, based on the documentary of the same name, Miller cites his work on Comet’s Zombie Cop as inspiration for the look of Freddy Krueger. Co-incidently, like Freddy Kreuger, the zombie cop also appeared in a dream!

I did a zombie cop makeup in Night of the Comet. Wes saw that picture and said, ‘This is very close to what I want Freddy to look like.’ – David B Miller

Further details, including some photos of the early designs, can be found on