Kelli Maroney To Guest At Halloween Hotness 2.0 – Sci-Fi And Fantasy Theme Costume Party

Hallowen Hotness 2.0

[UPDATE 11 May 2015] Schedule permitting, Catherine Mary Stewart will also be attending this event.

This event is helping support awareness and research for breast cancer.

Costumes not required to join us in the celebration.
The event will include:

  • DJ
  • Costume Contest
  • Red Carpet Arrivals
  • Special Guest Celebrities
  • Burlesque Dancers
  • Selfie Stations
  • Raffles
  • Karaoke
  • and much much more

In addition Steven L Sears (Writer of XenaA-Team) a will be presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Special guests include:
Kelli Maroney – actress (Night of the Comet)  
Gretchen Bonaduce – singer (Fatal 80’s), actress
Sophia Crawford – actress, stuntwoman (BuffyPower Rangers)
Wally Wingert – voice over talent (Family Guys, Riddler – Batman video game)
Emii – pop singer, actress, ninja
Danny Hicks – actor (Evil Dead 2)
Timothy Quill – actor (Army of Darkness)
Alexis Iacono – actress, model
Devanny Pinn – Horror Scream Queen

As always subject to change, but this is just the beginning.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Halloween Costume Party
The Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood.
Saturday 17 October
6pm – midnight

Tickets are $25 (= booking fee)

Visit the Facebook Event Page for latest information

Night Of The Comet Screening In St Louis

Hi-Point Theatre

The Hi-Pointe Theatre in St Louis Comet be will be holding two screenings of Night of the Comet on 1 and 2 May 2015 as part of their Late Nite Grindhouse (LNGH) Midnight Movies programme.

Pre-Show starts at 11.30pm, Film screens at Midnight.
1005 McCausland Ave, St. Louis
Tickets $7 (Beer and wine served until 12.45am)
For showtimes call (314) 995-6273.

Gone – Online Character RPG Based On NotC

GONE logo

“What would you do if suddenly everyone on Earth was gone? No explanation. No bodies left behind. Family, friends, neighbors…simply vanished. The unexpected happened when the Earth passed through the tail of a comet. 99% of the world’s population disappeared overnight, leaving nothing but piles of clothes. Not only did humans disappear, but so did almost all life on the planet. Those who remain now struggle to survive in this barren and empty new world.”

Gone is a newly created online Role Playing Game (RPG) based on the events of Night of the Comet but set in modern day rather than 1984:

“Our story takes place on July 19th, in Los Angeles, California, the morning after the comet. Only 1% of the world’s population is left. That’s 1 out of every 100 people. Everyone else is just…gone. All that’s left of them is a pile of clothes. Some people witnessed it happen. Their friends and family just… vanished out of their clothes right before their eyes. Other people awoke to a whole new world. Friends, family, even pets and animals, were gone.

Because of everyone disappearing so suddenly, the world was left in chaos. Airplanes went down because the pilots driving them disappeared. Cars wrecked when their drivers suddenly vanished. Stoves were left unattended, leaving houses to burn. Electricity can only last so long with no one around to run it. The internet will slowly fade out, as well. Cell phones are of no use because the towers went down. Overnight all the luxuries we once had were taken from us.

What happened, you find yourself asking. Why were you left behind? Where did everyone go? Were they taken by aliens? Is this the Rapture? Will you look for answers or just try to survive? Will you help others? Or will you only look out for yourself? The choice is yours. After all, with almost everyone gone, no one is around to tell you what to do. There are no laws, no police.”

Head over to the Gone website and register if you wish to join the game.