Quadrant 77

Quadrant 77 / James Reeno

James Reeno writes, produces, composes and mixes his own music out of his own NYC-based recording studio, Spazzoid Studio. He also runs his own label, Spazzoid Records, NYC.

James’ latest album, Quadrant 77, makes a number of references to Night of the Comet. He had this to say about it:

“My latest project is a full-on collaboration with Jazz/Rock guitarist UDI LEVY.

For this agressive electrofunk workout, I knew I wanted to title some of the tracks as references to one of my favourite ’80s films, Night of the Comet.

Three songs on the album have titles that somehow reference the film. Those tracks are DMKAvoid Spikes and The Burden of Civilization is Upon Us.

Also, since a LinnDrum was used on virtually every song on the soundtrack, I made sure that this machine would be all over this album.”

Soundteasers for the album are on soundcloud and the album is available to purchase on CD or via download from iTunes and CD Baby and there is also a Kickstarter page to raise funds for a vinyl release.