Black And White Night recently featured Night of the Comet in their regular Shadow Vision column.

The purpose of Shadow Vision is to revist modern horror films by viewing them entirely in black and white to seeing if this gives them a different perspective.

Author, Ken W. Hanley’s comments on watching Night of the Comet in this manner are encouraging, especially when you consider that the bright colour pallete of Comet seems to so intrinsic to the film.

Ken comments, “I never noticed how many visual cues here are meant to homage post-apocalyptic nuclear sci-fi films, but in black-and-white, they are as clear as day.” and, “…the film’s transition from the fun and more comedic first two acts to the more action-driven and creepy third is less jarring”. However, he does note that,“…the sequence set to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” is ironically less fun“.

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