Night Of The Comet: A Retrospecive

Cultfilmfreak’s Blogspot has posted a Night of the Comet Retrospective consolidating interviews with Catherine Mary Stewart, Kelli Maroney and Sharon Farrell to create a great read of cast memories from the film’s production. You can also view the original interviews with: Catherine Mary StewartKelli Maroney and Sharon Farrell.


Night Of The Comet Location Photos

© James Reeno, 2011
© James Reeno, 2011

We are indebted to NotC fans Krista and James who, after a recent filming locations road trip, submitted a selection of photos from various locations that were used in Comet. Amongst these photos are pictures of the recently discovered (by Krista) Belmont House and the street in which our heroines, Reggie and Sam, lived. Visit the Locations page for more information.