Interview With Catherine Mary Stewart has recently conducted an interview with Night of the Comet star, Catherine Mary Stewart entitled Don’t Mess With The Chick Holding The Gun And the Shopping Bag: An Interview With Catherine Mary Stewart. You can read the interview online at the Blood Sprayer website.


Night of the Comet star Catherine Mary Stewart (Reggie) will be a guest at this year’s Monster-Mania horror convention. Catherine also appeared in The Last Starfighter (1984) and fellow Starfighter co-star Lance Guest will also be attending.The event takes place from 11-13 March 2011 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Philadelphia-Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Tickets are on sale now from $25 for a day pass, to $50 for a weekend pass. See for further information.

Rare Night Of The Comet BBC Radioplay LP

Night of the Comet BBC Radioplay LP / BBC Radioplay Music Library

A rare BBC Radioplay LP for Night of the Comet has been added to the Memorabilia section. The Airplay LPs were exclusive the The British Broadcasting Corporation for their radio broadcasting. The back of the LP gives a rundown of the Synopsys of the film and gives detailed information for each track, including style and tempo, length of intro, length of track and whether the ending fades out or not.