Previously Unreleased Night Of The Comet Soundtrack Song Discovered

Thom Pace Slices CD cover
Thom Page Slices CD Cover / eBay

Fans of the Night of the Comet soundtrack will be excited to learn that a previously unreleased song from the film, I’ll Take the Blame, written and recorded by Thom Pace, is now available direct from the artist himself. Thom Pace is selling a compliation CD, Slices of the Past & Future, through his eBay store that collects together unreleased songs and demos from his career. Included on amongst it’s tracks is I’ll Take the Blame, this is the song that’s playing on the radio while Reggie and Larry are making-out in the projection booth the night of the comet. Although the original recording was lost, Thom re-recorded the track in 1999 to be as identical to the original as possible. Soundtrack completists looking for the track, please support the artist and order direct from Thom Pace himself. As well as receiving a custom made compliation CD, buyers will also recieve a Bonus CD of Demo tracks, the Compliation album itself will be custom made for each buyer and signed with a personal message, in addition, a specially recorded personal audio greeting will also be included on the CD mentioning the buyer’s name. Visit Thom’s eBay store for further information.