Two Posters Discovered

Yugoslavian Poster 20" x 28" Note that they have removed the space-boppers from the crowd and put the stars in the sky.
Yugoslavian Poster 20″ x 28″ Note that they have removed the space-boppers from the crowd and put the stars in the sky.

Two more posters have been discovered and added to the Memorabilia section of the site. The first is the US original video release poster, the second is the Yugoslavian theatrical release poster.

Kelli Maroney Appearance

Chopping Mall (starring Kelli Maroney) will be showing at the New Beverly Cinema in LA 26 July 2008. Special guests director Jim Wynorski and NOTC star Kelli Maroney are to be in attendance (schedules permitting).

Kelli Maroney On The Shady Show

Acress Kelli Maroney will be appearing on the internet radio show The Shady Show on 28 May. Below is a press release for the show:
That’s right, live Wednesday night May 28, 2008, on we bring you a live on-air interview
with the lovely and talented Kelli Maroney…

If you grew up in the ’80s with movies like Night of the CometChopping MallZero BoysFast Times at Ridgemont HighSlaygroundServants of TwighlightFace Down and scores of other movies and are looking forward to forthcoming appearances including her upcoming film, Nightmare Carnival, well, then you know who we mean.

Tune in to our Live Chatroom as we interview this talented lady and  open the phone lines giving you a chance to speak with her and ask  your questions.

Spread the word, this is the beginning…. The site we are on,, requires free registration to enter the chatroom and  converse with us.You can interact with the show via computer (Gizmo  Project) or phone landline or cell works, as well as the chatroom and  video cams.

We also have a Myspace page which has a  widget where you can listen live from there as well. In addition, there are blogs and banners up about this talented Celebrity.

UPDATE: You can listen to the show on the Myspace page here, or download the podcast here.