The Attic DVD Release Date

The Attic

The Attic, directed by Mary Lambert (Pet Cemetary) and co-starring John Savage and Catherine Mary Stewart (Night of the Comet’s Reggie) will be released on Region 1 DVD on 15 January 2008. Running at 85 minutes, the DVD will be released by Allumination Filmworks and will feature Dolby Surround Sound. Barnes & Noble and Amazon are accepting pre-orders

Podcast & CMS Interview Links Added

Two new links have been added to the site. The first is a link to a recently discovered interview with Catherine Mary Stewart over at the post-apocalypse movie appreciation site Click here to read the interview. The second link is to a Movie Retrocast podcast. Podcast #23 discusses Night of the Comet and Class of Nuke’m High.

1st Anniversary For Night of the Comet Fan Site, Plus Messages Of Support From Kelli Maroney & Catherine Mary Stewart

This month the Night of the Comet Fan Site will celebrate its 1st Anniversary. Originally started as a personal project to collect together as much information as could be found on the film Night of the Comet, the fan site has gone from strength to strength. Recent developments have included a forum, international TV and cinema showing times, memorabilia and magazine article discoveries, as well as regular news updates on the film’s stars’ current work, interviews and convention appearances. Fans are encouraged to contribute to the site and recent submissions have included photographs of some of the film’s locations, custom DVD covers and scans of lobby cards and original press adverts.

With around 1,000 visitors each month coming from search engines, Wikipedia and the IMDb alone, it shows that there are still plenty of fans out there looking for information, which it is hoped, the Fan Site can provide.

Night of the Comet stars Kelli Maroney and Catherine Mary Stewart sent in the following messages of support:
“WOW—Happy Birthday! I am so honored and proud to have such an impressive site dedicated to this film that means so much to me. Thank you so much for all the passion and hard work that it took to make this site so fantastic. This website is beyond anything that one ever imagines will happen with any film one is involved with, and I feel really blessed. Love Kelli”

“Congratulations on the first anniversary of your fan site! I’m so amazed and thrilled that “Night of the Comet” has had such a resilient life with such strong, determined and unique fans. When I first heard that fans were trying to get the movie on to DVD I thought “well now isn’t that nice…”, but you guys DID IT!! I am so honored to be a part of something that has so much support! Plus, now I have “Night of the Comet” on DVD!

When we shot “Night of the Comet” it was somewhat of a labor of love. It was a low budget shoot with a quirky little script. I was attracted to the Reggie character because of her strength and independance combined with the innocent naivete of a young, simple girl thrown in to extrodinary circumstances. We had a great time filming the movie but I don’t think it really occurred to anyone that it would build the fan base that it did and take on a life of it’s own and continue to all these years later. People (especially men around 30 years old) still stop me today and tell me how the movie impacted them a teenage boys. I love it!!

You are all truly amazing and I thank you for your love and support of this movie. If I accomplish nothing else in this life, I can say I was a part of a knarly teenager zombie movie called “Night of the Comet” and it was loved by the most amazing fans and will live on into eternity! …or until a comet comes along and destroys life as we know it…! Lots of Love, Catherine Mary Stewart”