New Kelli Maroney Interview At Night Of The Living Podcast

Freddy and Chiseck of Night of the Living Podcast interview Kelli Maroney. During this excellent 45 minute interview Kelli discusses, amongst other things, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Night of the Comet, and her upcoming project, Nightmare Carnival.

Night Of The Comet DVD Specs

The first review of the Night of the Comet DVD has appeared online at Specifications for the disc are: an anamorphic 1.85:1 transfer, audio in both stereo and mono, an additional Spanish-language mono track, and optional English and Spanish subtitles. The disc is also, as expected, a bare-bones release with no extras.

Night of the Comet is scheduled for Region 1 DVD release on 6 March 2007. Recommended retail is $14.98.

Kelli Maroney On Deadpit Radio

Kelli Maroney was on tonight’s Horror Talk Radio show, talking about the forthcoming Night of the Comet DVD release and providing an update on her recent projects including her forthcoming Nightmare Carnival. The full show can be listened to, or downloaded from, the website. (Kelli features at about 53mins into the show). A written interview will be on the site soon.